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Monday - Friday : 10:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Saturday : 010:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Sunday : Closed



We host regular events for and love to use a varied and diverse catering service or restaurant. Our events manager decided on Cool Breeze after someone else suggested that they are one of the best for delectable Indian snack Food that has always been a favorite to most people. Chaat is something most people search for regardless of where they live and to have Chaat to nibble on during an event made us the talk of the town.

Everyone loved the Chaat

Each Saturday you will find my friends and me at Cool Breeze for several reasons. We love the friendly and relaxed ambience of the place, the staff is helpful, friendly, and unobtrusive with the best food with delicate flavors you will not find anywhere else. Obviously, I would not complain about the prices either as their food is affordable, but when I start about the spicy flavorings I cannot stop. This is my favorite restaurant in Triangle’s and the only one where you will find me on Saturday

The Place where my friends and I love to eat and chill for a few hours

I love everything about Cool Breeze, their Food, their décor; their Restaurant and their service are great. I am trying to leave a review of the place as I have dined there a few times and hosted several functions there and as I am sitting here the list of delectable are just so long. However, what really stood out was the Uttapam with Gobhi Manchurian and Chilli Gobi that I had on one occasion but then I also love the Chaat Masala Dosa, fried lentil donuts, and fried rice. It is the type of place where you simply go again and again without getting tired of their food or tastes.

Great Place for Functions

Cool prices for great food are two things I love about Cool Breeze. I have always said that I do not mind paying for quality and what I absolutely love about this place is that I get superior quality and awesome tastes for a low price. I have never tasted crispier, melt-in-the-mouth samosas and Chaat especially than at Cool breeze. The prices are great, the service are outstanding and well the food…. heavenly.

My Favorite Indian Restaurant

Cool breeze has the best samosas and the only restaurant I have ever gotten Chaat from and it is one of the few Indian dishes that even my children love. All their food has the familiar spicy Indian flavoring, but Cool Breeze’s food seems to be made with careful deliberation as they stand out from any Indian restaurant I know. I suggest you try them once and then you will be as enslaved as our family is to their menu.

I Love Cool Breeze